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Monday, March 06, 2006
School trip to Liverpool
Dave: Come on! We're late!
Shadow Cabinet: Where are we going?
Dave: To Liverpool
Shadow Cabinet:Why? Has Boris got to apologise again?
Dave: Stop muttering and get in the coach! Have you remembered your packed lunch?
Shadow Cabinet: Why do we need a packed lunch? Aren't we going to have lunch with our Liverpool MPs?
Dave: We haven't got any, you clot!
Shadow Cabinet: Well, with our Councillors then?
Dave: (reaches for detention book)
Shadow Cabinet: Sorreee!
Dave: Just get in the coach, and no muttering!
Shadow Cabinet: Well if we haven't got any Councillors and we haven't got any MPs, What are we going to do in Liverpool?
Dave: We are going to go canvassing.
Shadow Cabinet: what good will that do?
Dave: I've got it all worked out. If each of us can just convice two Liverpudlians to vote Conservative...
Shadow Cabinet: Yes?
Dave: Well, we will just about double our vote. Now get in the coach and STOP MUTTERING!
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