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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
No reason to panic...yet.
by Peter

Just the other day I was reflecting on Cameron's first 100 days as Tory leader.

I was not all that impressed:
I think the Tories would have expected rather more: Cameron on paper is a more attractive figure than Howard; the other parties have been in considerable trouble during much of this period; and Cameron ought to be having a baby bounce (or have the Great British Public sated their appetitie for politicians with babies).

And frankly one of the issues that has bemused me is the extent to which he has got the press coverage as new and dynamic, with little to show that he is really having any impact.

The latest opinion poll will make it harder to retain that sort of press support: The Tories are back in their box.

The latest ICM poll (according to polioticalbetting has them on 34%. Where have they got under Cameron? Nowhere!

The Tories have not yet started to panic. They have set up a working group involving Bob Geldof and Zak Goldsmith, and this working group will advise them when the panic should begin.
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 10:12 pm  
  • At 15 March, 2006 00:01, Blogger James said…

    You've been misinformed. Clive Dunn from Dad's Army has been parachuted in to chair the "Don't Panic" Working Group.

  • At 18 March, 2006 07:52, Blogger James said…

    A brief thought: I don't think any polls are going to be much use at predicting what will happen at the next election until Tony Blair steps aside. I'd be surprised if his departure doesn't shake off some New Labour voters back to Cameron, and probably Gordon Brown's arrival will have some other side effects too.

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