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Friday, March 03, 2006
ForMing, NorMing, StorMing, PerforMing!
by Steve Travis

Congratulations to Sir Menzies Campbell on a hard-won victory in the leadership election. In deference to the four phases of team-building alluded to in the title, I'd like to take the presumption of offering him some advice on the immediate priorities requiring attention:

- Restructure the parliamentary team. Focus on maybe half a dozen (at most) key departments, and ensure that those chosen for these briefs are strong candidates. We should aim to get our stars in the media as much as possible.

- Give the party's professional structure a complete overhaul. Evaluate the performance of all departments, restructure and reform with a more focussed professional team.

- Media relations. We must construct a more potent media strategy, and that should include (if it doesn't already) training on how to deal with the media. Too many recent banana skins here.

- Set the narrative. Decide on the 5 key themes that make our party distinctive and keep pressing the message.

- Focussed policy. Back up the narrative with a cohesive, slim, but powerful policy platform that reinforces our core values.

And above all, be Merciless in your commitment to Liberalism!
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