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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Childcare is not "just a woman's issue"
by Steve Travis Nick Assinder raises the issue of a Commons Creche, but chooses to portray this as solely a female issue. I'm sure I am not the only man in the world who, along with his partner, has made the issue of child-raising a joint decision. In practical terms, as we both have demanding careers, that means a difficult balancing act cum timetabling exercise as we juggle our professional diaries around our childcare provision. Typically it means my wife works an early day in order to pick the children up, and I work a late day so that I can drop them off. The question we should be asking is why aren't male MPs looking to make this an issue too? Its a sad indicment of our "Obsessive" working culture that, in its worst form, means that any attempt at a normal family life has to be brushed under the carpet. Thankfully, far away from the notice of those who run government and business, a quiet revolution has been taking place. Perhaps in 10-20 years time when those fathers are setting the workplace culture as decision makers at the tops of businesses and government, they will remember what it was like for them and respond accordingly. Sadly, it seems we will have to wait that long.
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