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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Paddy's back
by Peter

He is not everyone's fave, but I like Paddy.

From my first Young Liberal's conference (Weymouth - 1981) I have two clear memories. One is of a stout young man from Liverpool who was very interested in campaigning. (Chris something, don't know where he's got to...)

The other was the young Ed Lucas - now a journalist for a well known weekly publication. Ed spent his time "Paddy Ashdowning" - telling people how the fantastic PPC was a future Party leader.

I met Paddy a few months later at the Llandudno - where he made the anti-Cruise missile speech. About a year later I became responsible for getting leaflets printed in my West of England constituency. Yeovil got the contract (undercutting Dowry printers in Bristol). So Paddy printed the leaflets himself - this was how he kept himself from starvation until he had won Yeovil. Many people's memories of Paddy will be of speeches he made as leader. I remember him as an aspirant MP with inky fingers.

So I'm glad he's back. And pleased that I agree with all he says here.

Paddy, if you are reading this, why not sign up to Liberalism2010? The email address is (and we haven't got any Lords on board).
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 7:26 pm  
  • At 10 February, 2006 01:44, Blogger JanesDaddy said…

    Chris something moved to Leicester shortly afterwards and was involved in East Midlands politics for a while (which is where I met him in the mid-80s), before moving on to who-knows-where. I haven't spoken to him for many years now, but he appears to be doing alright for himself (and the party). We spent a few nights together Letrasetting headlines for FOCUS leaflets... ahh, the memories...

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