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Friday, February 10, 2006
The Fourth Poll: Scotland's Orpington?
by Peter

A wonderful result - usually you know that it is going to happen, or that it very well might happen. My impression here was that we might have needed one more week of campaigning. When I heard the result I had that elusive sense of not believing my ears and being happy about it.

This is a great result for all lib dems. We have heard often enough that we are in "turmoil", "meltdown" and "disarray" - to win against this background was fantastic.

Who are the losers? Obviously Labour. Gordon Brown very definitely. And let us not forget Cameron. His ill-advised leaflet was part of our success. The gamble of picking a man who went to an elite public-school, and has a tiny amount of parliamentary experience is looking riskier than ever for the Tories.

Incidentally this is what the Times is saying

The Lib Dem victory also amounted to a vote of confidence in Sir Menzies Campbell, the acting leader, who is MP for a neighbouring constituency of North East Fife.

And here (because the excuse does not come along too often) is a link to the Daily Mail!
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 8:55 am  
  • At 10 February, 2006 09:44, Blogger Will said…

    I think you mean "Forth Poll".


  • At 10 February, 2006 09:44, Blogger Stephen Glenn said…

    You should have seen the nervous pacing going on at Campaign HQ. Everytime certain peoples' phones went off all eyes diverted off Question Time.

    But the best feeling in the world was being there when it became clear that there was no mistake in what we'd been feeling especially over the last week or so.

  • At 12 February, 2006 06:03, Blogger Aidan Brack said…

    I think that the result was definitely a wonderful one for us but I think it's a mistake to infer too much about David Cameron from this result (the Tories were always talking way too highly of their chances for coming second or third).

    Brown certainly will suffer as a result - especially as the Forth bridge to-and-fro was definitely a problem he exacerbated for Labour. I remember going to a party last Saturday with some Labour campaigners (who were quite sneering about the Lib Dem's campaign "Oh, we were out and about and we didn't see any signs of the Lib Dem group" - tosh!) but they were trying to argue that it was down to the First Minister that there had been quiverings in the Labour camp. I think it'll come down to a question of resolve between McConnell and Brown and I think McConnell's arguably safer than Brown. The latter is still trying to prove that he can appeal to voters and win elections.

    The SNP's position is actually the most interesting of all the parties (I'd say even more so than our own) because they have failed time and time again to sell Scottish voters on independence. Now I think that Salmond has avoided the hurtful glare of the media over this through sheer good fortune given the Lib Dem victory, but he was promising second and that the Lib Dems were becoming an irrelevancy. Where now for them? Clearly Salmond was not the saviour of the party after all!

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