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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Dunfermline latest
by Peter

This is the Guardian on Dunfermline - in the last hour.

In his appeal to Lib Dems in the Dunfermline and West Fife byelection, Mr Cameron wrote: "Issues that once divided Conservatives from Liberal Democrats are now issues where we both agree. Our attitude to devolution and the localisation of power. Iraq. The environment. "I'm a liberal Conservative. I hope many Liberal Democrats will want to join us."

Given Mr Cameron's strong support for the 2003 Iraq war Mr Blair delighted Labour backbenchers in reading out the leaflet when he was accused of "flip-flopping" over schools reform.
"Is this the same man that two weeks ago told the Daily Telegraph 'I am and always have been a Conservative to the core of my being?' One week ago he's the heir to New Labour and today he is a liberal Conservative," Mr Blair taunted, adding to laughter from Labour backbenchers, "No wonder he's against ID cards". Mr Cameron's attempt to steal Lib Dem and anti-war voters drew an angry blast from the Lib Dems' acting leader, Sir Menzies Campbell, who was campaigning in Dunfermline this afternoon.

"I know real liberals, Mr Cameron, and let me tell you - you are no liberal. David Cameron's flip-flops on policy expose his inexperience. He's still a novice. A leader with L-plates.

"So while Conservatives may think that youth, inexperience, and naivete are the answer to their problems; I say they are not the answer to the country's problems," Sir Menzies said.

And more good news for Lib Dems in closing paragraph

Voters in Dunfermline and West Fife go to the polls tomorrow in a byelection to replace the Labour MP Rachel Squire who died last month after a long battle against cancer. The Lib Dems, who have sent 200 activists to the seat to try and overturn the 11,562 Labour majority, claim the result will be close tomorrow night.
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