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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Did you hear the one about the three Polls?
by Peter

Poll number one is one down from this. Apollo Project members have voted by a margin of one in favour of Chris Huhne (at latest count - when I looked this morning it was still a tie). Caveats of course are that we are a self-selecting, internet-based, group, all activists. Almost all the others seem to be Oxbridge with multiple degrees (Exeter and just a BA here). I can't think of anyone who hasn't got a degree. And our only parliamentarian has not voted nor declared for any candidate yet (last I heard he was choosing between Simon and Ming). So good news for Chris Huhne - but not enough to uncork the champagne. 58% of Lib Dem members have no degree, a greater percentage is not Oxbridge, an unknown percentage are not activists. Relatively few of them use the internet with frequency.

Poll number two is the controversial Huhne-supporter commissioned You Gov poll, showing Huhne leading Campbell 52% to 48% after distribution of Simon's second preferences. Sample size is higher (401), and we know little about their makeup. Clearly they are internet users. Interestingly 77% of this group said that they favoured higher fuel taxes. This might mean that the Huhne camp has changed members minds. But a survey published quite recently showed that only 53% of members agreed with this suggestion. This is at least a sign that the online sample is significantly different from the real membership of the Liberal Democrats.

Poll number three is one commissioned (or so I believe) by the Hughes camp. It was performed by Communicate Research and involved a sample of 501 voters. Among the findings of this poll were that Ming comes out in the lead on the following measures

* Which of the Liberal Democrat leadership candidates do you think is best placed to revive the party's fortunes?
* Which of the Liberal Democrat candidates do you think would make the party most popular?
* Which of the two Liberal Democrat front runners, Sir Menzies Campbell or Simon Hughes do you think would be best able to unite the party?
* As a Labour voter, which of the Liberal candidates has most appeal to you
* As a Conservative voter, which of the Liberal Democrat candidates has most appeal to you?
Simon also did well on some points, of course - and is I think quoting these bits. This is a poll worth reading.
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