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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
You can say that again...(Updated)
by Peter

There is a piece on Ming on Guardian Online. One phrase caught my eye

Many in the party are tired of being caricatured as sandal-wearing intellectual lightweights: Sir Menzies is neither of those things.

Somehow one can't picture Ming in sandals.

Elsewhere, Nick Robinson has resurrected an old interview on his newsblog.

One passage caught my eye, when Ming is quotes a famous - er - Jamaican philosopher who said "what do they know of cricket that only cricket know?"

and goes on to adapt it

"what do they know of politics that only politics know?"

Someone on the comments thinks the quote comes from Kipling (and indirectly it does). More directly it comes from C L R James (The "er" was needed - he was born in Port of Spain).

A politician who can quote C L R James and thinks there is more to life than politics is ticking a couple of my boxes. But I will be asking Mark Oaten a few questions on the political writings of John Arlott (who at least came from Hampshire).
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 4:59 pm  
  • At 10 January, 2006 11:59, Anonymous Will said…

    He does have an awful pair of pink cords though.

  • At 10 January, 2006 17:45, Blogger James said…

    Is that another euphemism Will?

  • At 10 January, 2006 21:56, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    CLR James is worth a read. His politics are awful (1930's Marxism) but he is very sound on Lancashire League cricket and Wordsworth. Interesting observations on race as well. Odd, though, that he should write an autobiography and fail to mention his wife.

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