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Friday, January 06, 2006
Time to rally around the party
by Peter

The message I hear from people around the Party at the moment is that they know a change has to be made. People who a day or so ago were Kennedy loyalists through and through (Chris Black, Peter Black, Stephen Tall - all in the links) are coming out and saying that the Party must come first.

Reading the comments on Politicalbetting you will find many Lib Dems saying they now understand why the Parliamentary Party appeared to be sending such unexpected signals. Personally I have always believed that NPs had the Party's best interests at heart. In a way it heartening to have this confirmed. On the other hand, it is desperately sad to find just how serious Kennedy's problems are. The need for colleagues to continue to exert pressure is an indication of this.

What next? I continue to think that some sort of caretaker leader would be best. The formula floated by Stephen Williams - that Campbell should take over until after the May elections - strikes me as realistic.
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 11:20 pm  
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