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Saturday, January 28, 2006
Something to smile about (2)
by Peter

The announcement that a former Conservative MP is joining the Liberal Democrats.

This is what he said:

David Cameron was the author of Michael Howard’s illiberal manifesto just last May. If he believed what he wrote then, how can he believe what he says now? And since he voted for the US invasion of Iraq, and has been continually Eurosceptic, what right has he to our respect for his international intentions?

I am supporting Ming Campbell’s campaign to lead the Liberal Democrats - who I joined last year - because I admire his consistency and integrity, and I believe his distinct radical liberalism would be a breath of fresh air in British politics.

The Campbell supporters list is now up to 767. Politicalbetting regulars will be pleased to read that to know that Icarus has added his name to the list.
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 9:04 pm  
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