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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
The MatGB challenge
by Peter

In the comments to this post MatGB issued a challenge.

Lib Dem bloggers have 6 days to persuade him

(a)to rejoin the party and

(b) to vote first choice for Ming and second choice for Chris (actually other combinations are possible, but why make it harder than it need be?).

Here are a few clues on the sort of thing he's looking for:

Isn't joining a waste of my money?
If I do join, who should I give my first and 2nd preferences for
And "he's such a really nice guy" is likely to dissuade me from voting for someone, I don't want nice, I want effective. I want to see them make their case, fight the fight, win the debates and assert their position.

A government more authoritarian than Thatcher at her worst. A Tory party trying to steal the LibDem clothes but, it seems, missing the point entirely. I liked Charles, he's obviously a nice bloke. But, well, the needed (and expected) breakthrough in May 2005 didn't happen, the open goal over ID cards and the Terrorism Bill hasn't been exploited, the constructive/real opposition hasn't happened. I think, when it came down to it, that he wasn't up for the job, regardless of his alcoholism. Will any of the new bunch put the case the way they need to?

You have 7 days. Persuade me to join, put up decent arguments why I (and others) should. I'll link to good ones, or you can comment here.

More details and an application form over at Not Little England.

My starting offer is that if he rejoins I shall buy him a drink next time I'm in Torquay - but no treating for votes!
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 2:43 pm  
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