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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
The LD2 list: Top liberal blog pieces from December 2005.
Here is the December list of top blog posts from Lib Dems and people who blog like liberals. Loads of good stuff around this month, there certainly wasn´t room for everything.

1. Eaten by Missionaries (Iain Sharpe) took a fresh look at inconsistencies between local action and conference here.

2.John Hemming is old enough to know that "you don´t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows..." and receives an ASBO from Labour for asking questions about the weather here.

3. Simon Isledon spends a lot of time demonstrating that he ought to be running Lib Dem communications strategy. But on this post he takes on a bigger subject: what are we here for? His reply to the first two comments to the post is pretty close to my own position - but don't let that put you off!

4. I normally exclude the written media. But Lynne Featherstone's Christmas Tale, linked from her blog here justifies an exception.

5. At Great Britain, not Little England, MattGB has some advice for the leader of the liberal conservatives.

6. Last month we included a piece that was relatively kind about Blunkett. In the interests of balance, here is Chicken Yogurt being objective...

7. Pickled Politics describes itself as

a current affairs magazine (group blog) that focuses on the big events that shape our society, and allows young British Asians to voice their opinions on those events...

Our politics are progressive, and we may frequently disagree with 'community leaders' or 'religious leaders' from the Asian community. That is our right and prerogative.

We want the British Asian community to move forward and evolve, and will voice our thoughts to encourage that.

It is always worth reading. This post has already been linked from the Apollo Project blog, and is a taster for the quality of reporting.

8, I wonder if Edis Bevan believes I am a market romantic...This post took me back to a period when I spent my time worrying about Hernando de Soto and the Extra Llama problem.

9. James Graham here posted the second of a two-hander on Lib Dem strategy. (I commented on it here. ). I haven't come back on his point on the economy . In brief I think that

a) he underestimates our ability to sell a message on the economy - historically we have done well when Tory governments have presided over crises (1974 and 1983)
b) There were real reasons for voters marking us so low on managing the economy last time around: our platform suggested that we would not be able to control public-spending.

Only 6 per cent of voters thought we would be best at managing the economy: we will have to remedy this next time around.

10. I don´t normally include anything from this blog. But I shall make an exception this time for Tabman's elogy for the stained-glass windows of yesteryear.

And while I´m here, a reminder that we are keen to receive more suggestions for the reading list.
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 10:52 am  
  • At 03 January, 2006 22:02, Blogger MatGB said…

    Oy! Spelling, Peter, spelling. Not that I really care that much. Thanks for the link, much appreciated, I think it was one of the better posts of the month.

    Is this a regular thing? Good idea if so.

  • At 04 January, 2006 10:24, Blogger Peter Pigeon said…

    Typos I call them, Matt!

    Yes it is a regular once a month clockwork sort of exercise.

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