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Sunday, January 22, 2006
BritBlog Roundup
The Britblog round up is out. Nothing unusual about that. Except that we're included. We're not quite sure if we should have a drink or a ... anyway we're not quite sure how to celebrate.

Also there are Ken Owen, Jonathan Calder, Pickled Politics (all to be found in our links) and Joe Otten (who will shortly be there).
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 4:47 pm  
  • At 22 January, 2006 23:43, Anonymous Susanne said…

    Is it an old-boys club or something? I've got no chance.

  • At 23 January, 2006 08:19, Blogger Peter Pigeon said…

    Sorry Suzanne - I knew there was someone else there. I'm very happy to add you to the links. are you going to link to us?

  • At 23 January, 2006 09:23, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Peter: Don't see why you should link to any site that is run by people who don't have the best interests of the party at heart. Eg, by campaigning for Labour candidates or spreading malicious emails.

  • At 23 January, 2006 18:47, Anonymous Susanne said…

    Pete, Thanks so much. I've already several links on my blog that are linked to yours and v v.
    Added the Apollo Project yesterday.

    Took advice and guide for my blog style from Lynne Featherstone. Not everyones cup of tea I know but it seems to work and has a decent hit rate.

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