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Sunday, January 08, 2006
Blaming the messenger
by Peter

It is always difficult to break bad news - worst of all when the recipient does not wish to accept the message. Richard Allen (who is better placed to know than most of us) has this message on his blog

the other side of the sympathy coin is a backlash against "wicked Lib Dem MPs" for "kicking him when he was down". The party will inevitably suffer damage from this public impression. There is another side to the story but this may well not emerge.
(my emphasis)
Comparisons with the Conservative overthrow of Thatcher have been drawn and are, perhaps, not entirely inappropriate. Thatcher was still popular in the country but had progressively lost the support of those at the centre of the Conservative party. The fact that Charles had a personal problem is incidental to this core political fact but does, I am afraid, seem to be dominating the coverage.

Gentle reader, if a leadership candidate comes asking for your vote and blaming others for the way things happened, ask them first what they would have done. And then ask them why they didn't do it.
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 4:36 pm  
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