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Monday, January 02, 2006
Best of 2005: A baker's dozen - UPDATED
by Peter

Below are a selection of our postings from 2005. I think all contributors (Phil Grant, Chrisco, Alex Sweet, James Chard, Paul Lloyd, Stephen Tall, Tabman and myself) are represented. Use the comments to request more from them and fewer from me!

1. Repairing the Liberal Schism
2. The Stupid Question
3. The Supergeek speaks out
4. Heritage and Urban Liberals
5. Axe the Tax!
6. Food for thought from Blue2win...
7. Impossible things before breakfast
8. An ethical dilemma
9. Blackpool blues
10. Mr Duff's complaint
11. Why was Blair doing it?
12. Utopia
13. Dystopia.

UPDATE - no sooner were the pixels dry on this post than Phil Grant created his own blog within the Liberalism2010 family. You can catch up on the thoughts of Phil (aka Book Value) here.
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