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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Back to The Business
by Peter

I have remarked before how few friends Cameron seems to have in the business press.

A search for the origins of the Major story (below) brought this piece from an article in The Business to light (thanks to Stephen B):

let us not be fooled into thinking the Conservatives, for 15 years Britain’s leading regicide specialists, are united behind their new, youthful leader. Most Tory MPs voted against Cameron even when it was clear he was going to win.

It is not with universal delight that Tory MPs learn they are to be whipped into voting for Labour’s Education Bill. Applause is not uniform when rich kids like Zac Goldsmith are appointed environmental advisers. But these are minor irritations compared to what happened last Friday, when Tory MPs heard Cameron declare they “are on the same side now” as the Lib Dems on the Iraq war. There remains a large chunk of the party for whom this is the deepest of insults.

Cameron’s enemies hope their young leader is making a naïve mistake and hope to explain to him the irreconcilable differences between the Lib Dem and Conservatives on the war on terror.
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