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Monday, December 19, 2005
Tired & Emotional
by Steve Travis

Our internal disputes and disagreements have been well documented over recent weeks. But it seems we're not alone in this new fractiousness; Labour and the Tories want to get in on the act too.

We learn that the PM's No 2 and hitherto enforcer of his will, John Prescott, has serious misgivings about Labour's plans for school reform. And all this on top of Blair's defeat over 90 day detention. There is already a gaminess about this Government after a mere 7 months in office.

Not to be out done, over at Conservative Home the Davisites are very far from gruntled. In the comments section voices are raised that Cameron is on some "frolic of his own", lurching leftwards and leaving the mainstream membership high and dry.

We are still at least 3 1/2 years away from an election but, as is a strong possibility, no party gains overall control the conditions are ripe for a significant realignment of the main party coalitions, all three of which are showing alarming signs of friability.
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