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Friday, December 16, 2005
They shall seek them in the hedgerows...
by Peter

All the attention has been on us Lib Dems (aren't we lucky?) but Cameron has stirred up some second order problems of his own.

Writing in the Times, Caroline Jackson berates Cameron for his policy of separating the EuroTories from their allies in the mainstream rightwing grouping - the EPP. She thinks

Mr Cameron will miss a wonderful opportunity to attack Tony Blair on the budget and CAP reform when he deliberately forgoes the opportunity to meet leaders of the EPP and their allies at their pre-summit gatherings. He needs to get to know people like Merkel, de Villepin and Berlusconi.

Her take on the alternatives to the EPP is amusing:

God knows who his alternative allies are. Aides are said to be shaking the hedges of eastern Europe: so far the only possibles may be Polish and Czech peasant nationalists, three eccentric Swedes, a French protectionist Eurosceptic, and two MEPs from the Netherlands’ extreme Christian party, which wants to stop Sunday bicycle riding.

Best of all, she finishes with a threat:

If Mr Cameron does withdraw the British Conservatives from their alliance with the EPP I am certain that he will be back again in a few years, trying to negotiate readmission. So whatever happens I intend staying with the EPP to keep the place warm for my party when it returns to its senses.

So Mrs Jackson may be on her way out of official Conservatism. Her husband abandoned the Tories under Howard. Losing one Jackson looks unfortunate, losing two would look like carelessness. Still Cameron will at least have shown his party that he is the true and rightful heir of Michael Howard.
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