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Saturday, December 17, 2005
That Cameron Website
by Peter

First things first: it really is quite poor. I do not intend to say too much about how and why, because I do not wnat to help them improve it. Let us just say that no one with any real interest in policy is going to be convinced.

As GDH argues below, if Cameron is to show that the Conservatives have changed, then he will have to to offer a few rightwing policies up, and a few rightwingers to go with it. I canĀ“t see him doing this.

But in terms of linking policies, frankly I think we have something to learn. Too often our policies do not seem to link up. Our different policies seem to have been made by people with a passionate interest in one issue, rather than reflecting a coherent whole. We need to start showing how being a liberal viewpoint leads ssomeone to vote Liberal Democrat. That will probably mean thinking about how we make policy as well as how we present it.
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