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Saturday, December 10, 2005
Template Update
by Peter

I think this is it. Thanks to Rohin, Paul and Valerie for suggestions, and Phil for rescuing the update when it seemed about to fail...
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 2:14 pm  
  • At 10 December, 2005 20:24, Blogger Ryan said…

    I had to double check my settings to ensure that the font size is that big when using firefox.
    Might want to shrink them a little bit.

  • At 10 December, 2005 21:25, Blogger Bishop Hill said…

    I second Ryan's motion - it looks very numpty in Firefox. Also it needs a link to the main page.

  • At 11 December, 2005 15:39, Anonymous Paul said…

    A few points:

    I also agree with the other two posters regarding shrinking the text - size 10 or so would look about right. Not too big, yet not cramped.

    I'm not sure about the gold links everywhere - it's a little hard to read on this background.

    Maybe make the grey background darker so the white text is easier to read or turn the text to black?

    Apart from that, though, it looks a lot better, particularly the loss of the gold background - not nice on the eyes.

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