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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Stuck in the middle with you...
by Peter

The Telegraph has some upbeat coverage of Sir David Cameron's coronation. But even here doubts creep in

"Switching the focus from traditional fare such as tax and asylum to green issues, increasing the number of women in the party and improving inner cities, will form the basis of Mr Cameron's attempts to rebrand his party and face down the Right. But while this faction was notably quiet last week, it is naïve to think that it will remain so.

"Even at the height of the euphoria, there were hints of the tensions that remain. Minutes before Mr Cameron stood up at PMQs, an aide, the MP Nadine Dorries, appeared with a carefully created seating plan which would place women MPs all around him for the ideal television shot - a technique known as "doughnuting".

"But supporters of Mr Davis would not move. Andrew Mitchell refused to budge from pole position after his performance on the front bench at International Development Questions while Eric Forth insisted on sitting directly behind. The resulting image was of Mr Cameron sandwiched between Mr Davis and Mr Mitchell with Mr Forth in the background. In the coming weeks one suspects that the stalwarts of the Right will continue to refuse to be airbrushed out of the picture."
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