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Thursday, December 01, 2005
The LD2 list: Top ten Lib Dem and liberal diaspora blogs in November
by Jabez Clegg

Here is the November list of posts you should have read. Lots of high quality pieces around in November - I was tempted to stretch the list - but these will keep you gong for a while!

Rather more Lib Dem and less Liberal diaspora this month too. Only one of the ten doesn´t declare themself to be a Lib Dem - and I have my suspicions about the new boy.

Here they are!

Simon Titley on class-ridden comments on the Blunkett resignation (a post followed by silence for the rest of the month)

Cicero's Songs (who is this mysterious 40 year-old investment banker with a taste for Hayek and Estonia?) on heroes and villains.

Ken Owen being moderate about coursework.

Jonthan Calder on the erosion of liberty.

Nick Barlow being simply pathetic.

Mary Reid on paying for coursework

Louise Alexander on brutal planning.

Stephen Tall getting bored with internal Lib Dem left/right name-calling

Simon Mollan on the politics of the radical centre.

Peter Black on voting in Wales.
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