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Friday, December 30, 2005
Failing to Preach what we Practice
Via Jonathan Calder (see links)I´ve discovered the new and impressive Eaten by Missionaries blog.

Iain Sharpe tackles an intersting question (one that has been much on my mind in recent weeks).

I am often struck by the contrast between the bold and innovative approach that Liberal Democrats have taken in local government towards reform of public services, and the caution and old-fashioned sentimentalism that party conference shows towards the sacred cows of the welfare state.

This isn´t quite the way I would have put it. But I see his point.

When he says

Through its more successful local government administrations, the Liberal Democrats have developed an approach to reform of public services that is both distinctive and effective. It involves, among other things, commitment to effective service delivery, willingness to be flexible about who delivers the service, recognition that high costs don't automatically equal high quality and willingness to listen to the views of the users of public services.

I start to think we've found the man to draft the next manifesto.
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