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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Charles Kennedy
by Peter

Should I post anything on this? John Hemming says he does not know what is going on, and he is a lot closer to the action than I am.

Charles has done a great job for the Liberal Democrats, surpassing the expectations of many at the time he was elected. He deserves to leave the leadership at the time he chooses, feeling proud of his achievements. Personally, I have never thought that he would be leader at the next election, and nothing that has happened of late has made me change my mind on that. (But I am a long way away from the action - and there are plenty of people involved in the Apollo Project who disagree.)

Having a new leader in itself changes little. With or without Charles, we need to sharpen our message, dump a few policies (go-karts for car thieves and porn for sixteen year olds), get closer to the electorate, and find new ways of campaigning. Above all we need to be trusted on the economy.

Charles made the right call on this after the election (even if we then back-tracked on LIT) when setting up the meeting the challenge process, just as he made the right call on Iraq. It would be fantastic if he could see this through.
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