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Friday, December 23, 2005
All I want is everything
by Peter

I've been meaning to reply to this post of James Graham for a couple of days. I´m not going to say much at present becuase, to be frank, the baby on my lap can think of better ways of spending her time than watching her father type. In any case, James and I seem to have resolved many of our differences.

All I want, of course, is everything: a great airwar, proper targetting, a party that grows its core constituency and yet reaches out beoyond it. Certainly a party that has a strong profile on the economy.

In short, I want my narrative, and a happy ending too.

In the meantime I´m going to see if this baby wants feeding or changing (or both). See you after Christmas. May it be Merry for all of us!
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 2:41 pm  
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