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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Our political police
by Peter

Charles Clarke used a letter to the Daily Telegraph to confirm that he contacted the Association of Chief Police Officers on November 3, suggesting that chief constables should offer to inform their local MPs on police attitudes to the 90-day proposal,


Kennedy was surely right to complain about this

Mr Kennedy said he did not think it was "legitimate" for the police to take a "particular view in a particular way and put it out there in the political arena".

And he added: "When the chief of the Metropolitan Police takes such a high profile, as he did, over a specific amendment to a piece of government legislation questions have to be asked. I think it's overstepping the mark."

Mr Kennedy said there was "a good case to be made" for arguing the police had allowed themselves to get dragged too much into the parliamentary politics of the situation.

And the emphasis "dragging" is crucial. If only we had a written constitution. It would surely make it illegal for a Home Sectretary to instruct the forces of law and order to suggest to Members of Parliament how they might cast their vote.
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 3:18 pm  
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