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Thursday, November 17, 2005
The Great Debate?
by Peter

Conservativehome have a report on the Tory leadership husting. Rather low-key they seem, although Cameron-supporter Smith accepts that Davis was winning converts.

There is little evidence that the campaign is bringing a new wave of interest. Smith says
"the two Davids were greeted by something short of 300 mostly retired people who had scattered themselves around the rows of chairs that stretched back from a raised platform emblazoned with the message “Today’s Britain – Tomorrow’s Conservatives.”"

And Smith's heart is on his sleeve when he writes that

"David Cameron's turn followed. Casting aside his notes, he stepped out from behind the rostrum to set out his message of hope, optimism and progress, earning a much-deserved standing ovation from sections of the audience."

It is the "much-deserved" that I like. For stepping out from behind his rostrum?
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