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Friday, November 25, 2005
Coursework: the final assessment
by Peter

Jonathan Calder has been praising the practice of oppostition through agreement.

So here's some.

Ruth Kelly, responding to Ken Boston, chief executive of the QCA, in response to its review of GCSE and A-level coursework, wrote:

I expect QCA to review the position of coursework in GCSEs on a subject-by-subject basis with an expectation that coursework should:
· only be used where it is the most valid way of assessing subject-specific skills, and is not the favoured approach where its primary purpose is to assess knowledge and skills which can equally well be assessed in other ways;
· be robustly assessed - for example including examples of work produced in lesson time under supervision.

I agree. (That'll teach them).
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 1:49 pm  
  • At 25 November, 2005 16:05, Blogger James said…

    I'm trying to work out on what grounds anyone wouldn't agree with that statement!

    But within it can be found a galaxy of moot points, surely.

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