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Friday, November 11, 2005
"Après moi, le déluge"
by Peter

There's a good piece by Philip Stephens in todays FT. The argument is that Blair's will be decided in the spring. As it is probably subscription only (I'm reading the print version), I'll quote the conclusion:

"My sense of British politics is that among the voters there are many erstwhile supporters of the government looking for a reason to desert it. by the time of the next election, Labour will have been in power for at least 12 years. Many will judge that is enough for any party. time for a change becomes a double-edged sword. Labour may have had enough of Labour; the country of Labour.

" Après moi, le déluge," Mrs Thatcher seemed to say to herself as she departed 10 Downing Street. I sometimes wonder whether Mr Blair is thinking something similiar."
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