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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
The age of consent
by Peter

Stephen Glenn has a rather knockabout post on the voting age on his Linlithgow blog.

As people tend to, he has fun with the different ages one can do different things. Certainly some of these are anomalous. But I have never thought it possible to argue that one should actually be considered old enough to do everything at the same age.

If the voting age were 17, the Liberal Party would have had one more vote (mine) in 1979. If it were 12, the Liberal Party would have had two more votes (both mine) in 1974. (Other people are probably more open-minded and flexible than I am). But at the age of sixteen I thought it ridiculous that some of my class-mates could and did leave school to become housewives. Looking back, some of them would now agree.

Stephen argues that lowering the voting age would make the 18-25 age group more likely to vote. It is certainly aguable, but I am not completely convinced.
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