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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
You do the math!
(Or: how the Tories are too stupid to see how stuffed they are by FPTP)

by Jabez Clegg

Over at Make My Vote Count, Paul Davies has written this excellent article on how the Conservatives face a long term and systematic bias against them under FPTP. It makes sobering reading, as this bias is not going away anwyhere fast. They are stuffed good and proper (as are we).

Yet, most Tories believe that the system now weighted against them will even up or, eventually, work in their favour again, bless 'em!

Is it too much to ask that one or two of the brighter ones might sit up and take notice, and modify their views accordingly? Alas, it probably is ...
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  • At 05 October, 2005 21:49, Blogger Snafu said…

    Thanks for the heads up on the article. It is very sobering with little prospect of rectifying it.

    I'm still not in favour of PR though unless the Liberal Democrats worked with the largest party in Government!

  • At 10 October, 2005 12:14, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Snafu that depends upon how you define "largest party". It not wholly inconceivable that Labour will have the largest number of seats and Tories the largest number of votes in 2009/10. FPTP logic dictates that Labour it is, but the electorate might not see that as "fair".

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