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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Flying Club Class on Camerair
by Jabez Clegg

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose as the French say. Timothy Garton-Ash has produced a masterly disection of the Blair style, and its aping by David Cameron, in the Guardian today:

Very short sentences.

Large gaps between each line.

I care passionately about this. We must do that.

Self-deprecating joke. Guy-on-the-street anecdote.

List of past failures. Visions of future success! Sentences without verbs.

(You know the sort of thing)

His argument is that by aping Blair Cameron gives himself the best shot at power - a transition from one upper middle class, public-school educated member of the ruling elite, to another.

We're not so sure about that - but what we are sure about, is that Blair-lite Cameron will give the Lib Dems the opportunity to be distinctive.
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  • At 20 October, 2005 12:10, Blogger James said…

    Aspiring politicians who think they need to ape Blair to win power need to remember one important thing: Blair only needed a tiny nudge to gain power, and the electoral system was massively biased in his favour.

    The Tories circa 2005 have neither of these advantages, which would suggest a different kind of strategy is needed.

    Blair could count on an initial bounce to suddenly make winning the next General Election look inevitable. A bounce on a similar scale for Cameron would still make victory look entirely out of his reach. Will he then be able to survive four years of doubt and brickbats? That's the real test, and it isn't anything Blair had to face.

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