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Thursday, October 06, 2005
EU gets something right
by Jabez Clegg

Snafu is complaining about the EU. He doesn´t think the European Commission should have put up a web page comparing international mobile roaming costs.

Instead he'd like the return of Duty Frees within Europe.

I make the score here Europe 2 SNAFU 0.

As someone forced to travel quite frequently in Europe in order to scrape a living, the roaming charges are of great concern to me, and any initiative to get useful comparators strikes me as a good thing.

As for Duty Frees, we were told that their disappearance was going to be a disaster. But nothing seems to have changed as far as the traveller is concerned. The drink in the airport shops does not seem to have changed. And airports are just as inconvenient a place to pick up bottles of spirits as they ever were.
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