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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
The danger of the abstract noun
by Peter

Liberal Democrat: one having an unreasonable belief in the power of the abstract noun.

In the wake of Freedom, Fairness and Trust (a good document with a poor title) Meeting the Challenge seeks to organise our thoughts under six of them: Freedom; Fairness; Localism; Internationalism; Sustainablity; and Prosperity.

More is not better, but there are some improvements here. No one would have disagreed with any of FF&T. At least some people will disagree with Localism and Internationalism. And Prosperity is at least connected to the grounds on which most people make poltical decisions.

But let's try to get away from this sort of talk. "Peace, Bread and Land" anyone? "Three acres and a cow"?
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  • At 05 October, 2005 14:23, Blogger Simon said…

    Three acres and a cow?

    Is the debt to Chesterton or the Glasgo University Union Distributists?

    That's always seemed to me a mystery - how come so many Liberal Democrats are ex-GUU - the most recent being Dundas, I think.

  • At 05 October, 2005 15:16, Blogger Peter Pigeon said…

    worth reading anyway. It was a Liberal Slogan in the 1880s, revived until 1906

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"What is Liberalism?: I should say it means the acknowledgment in practical life of the truth that men are best governed who govern themselves; that the general sense of mankind, if left alone, will make for righteousness; that artificial privileges and restraints upon freedom, so far as they are not required in the interests of the community, are hurtful; and that the laws, while, of course, they cannot equalise conditions, can at least avoid aggravating inequalities, and ought to have for their object the securing to every man the best chance he can have of a good and useful life." C-B.


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