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Monday, October 17, 2005
Another Fine Mess...
by Jabez Clegg

A theme of this blog has that NuLabor have failed to do their homework on the EU, and so underachieved (we said so here).

Wolfgang Munchau in the today's FT (at least the international edition - I´m in Brussels this morning)is saying the same thing.

He points out that Blair had planned on hosting Merkel at the upcoming summit, but finds himself facing Schröder's last fling instead.

His conclusions (in the subscribers section) are pretty depressing.

"For Blair, the best strategy now would be to use this otherwise superfluous EU summit to prepare for an eventual agreement on the EU budget. In so doing, he would have to accept a worse deal than he was offered by Jean-claude Juncker, the Luxembourg primie minister and previous holder of the EU presidency back in June. This is not an exciting prospect. But the petty issue of the EU budget is all that is left to salvage from Mr Blair's disintegrating EU presidency."

Blair will certainly want a few initiatives or deals to wave before the world's press. For Britain and the EU, a better deal later would be preferable. Even a deal that goes against the wishes of the Liberal Democrat's Conference...
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