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Thursday, September 22, 2005
What are they thinking now?
by Peter

I don't want it, you don´t want it and they don´t want it.

But there are a few signs of realism in tory ranks about their prospects next time around.

The belief of some of those posting in their ability to split Lib Dems is belied by the success of Lib Dem politicians in Cardiff and Edinburgh since devolution. Still we need to work hard on unity.

Personally I wonder if there is a future for a party that tries to contain both the Tory Reform Group and Cornerstone...
posted by Peter Pigeon @ 5:54 pm  
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  • At 22 September, 2005 19:31, Blogger Bishop Hill said…

    One can of course also question whether there is room in the same party for the Orange book liberals and the rest of the LibDems.

    My impression of the conference is of a party leadership at odds with its members. The leadership have seen the light and recognise that state action is not delivering and will never deliver. The membership are still looking back to the golden days of the 1970s when government ran everything. This is the same problem that Tony Blair has.

    We now seem to have two parties - LibDem and Labour - with vaguely (economically) liberal leaderships who are hamstrung by deeply backward party members. The Conservative members are economic liberals but the party has no leadership at all.

    It seems unlikely that the LibDem leadership can change the party. The only sensible solutions I can see are:

    1. Orange Book LibDems join Conservatives. Cornerstone grouping join UKIP in disgust.
    2. Both LibDems and Conservatives split and form new party which is both economically and socially liberal.

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