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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Perhaps we should style ourselves the Apollo Group collective...
by Jabez Clegg

...but that sounds so 1960s, doesn´t it? No, the Apollo Group is more of a virtual community - a group of Lib Dems who (for the most part) met on the net and see it as an appropriate means of sharing ideas and campaigning. We are a pretty varied bunch - aged from 17 to 60, with one MP, several candidates, and ex-patriates in four countries and two continents.

We don´t align ourselves with any particular wing of the party, but I think the general sense of the group is that the party needs to be aiming for government sooner rather than later (hence liberalism2010) and that this means more pragmatism in terms of policy and more ambition in terms of campaigning.

So the significance of Blackpool for a group of those members who post here (Phil -aka Book Value, Steve, Alex and Peter) was that we met each other in the flesh, along with a number of other Lib Dems who take part in the forum.

The growth of the forum as a medium for political communication is something that must be changing politics little by little. It is hard to see them replacing speech acts. But some of the motions on the conference agenda would have benefitted from scrutiny beforehand by a wide group of members - and where better than an internet forum. There are a few around these days - none livelier than the LDYS forum.

Now more of us have met I suppose we are less of a virtual community these days. But definitely not a collective...
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"What is Liberalism?: I should say it means the acknowledgment in practical life of the truth that men are best governed who govern themselves; that the general sense of mankind, if left alone, will make for righteousness; that artificial privileges and restraints upon freedom, so far as they are not required in the interests of the community, are hurtful; and that the laws, while, of course, they cannot equalise conditions, can at least avoid aggravating inequalities, and ought to have for their object the securing to every man the best chance he can have of a good and useful life." C-B.


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