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Sunday, September 11, 2005
The New Cobdenites
by Peter

Some weeks ago we called for Liberal Democrats to go back to Cobden in renewing their internationalism. The Globalization Institute shows a suitable respect for the great Radical, and this post offers interesting statistical support for his views. An open economoy really does seem to preserve international peace.
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  • At 11 September, 2005 19:39, Blogger Bishop Hill said…

    If I read the report correctly then it has considered economic freedom as a separate issue from an open economy and has concluded that economic freedom is associated with peace while an open economy is not.

    Economic freedom covers the following areas

    (I)size of government,
    (II) economic structure and use of markets,
    (III) monetary policy and price stability,
    (IV)freedom to use alternative currencies,
    (V) legal structure and security of private ownership,
    (VI) freedom to trade with foreigners, and
    (VII) freedom of exchange in capital markets

    So let's hear it for small government and privatisation - the road to world peace! :-)

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