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Monday, September 26, 2005
Livingston by-election: déjà vu?
by Peter

I might easily be mistaken, but Jim Devine's latest outburst brought on a sense of déjà vu.

In the Sunday Mail the "would-be MP" is calling for a national register of drug-dealers. This idea is not to help you find one in a hurry (calm down), it is to allow potential employers to spot them before they sign them up to work as lollipop ladies or whatever.

This seems such a obvious idea that one wonders why some suitably populist politician hasn´t already thought of it. And it seems they have. The Criminal Records Bureau was set up in 1997, and their website points out that people who possess Class A drugs, or traffic in drugs will have their convictions held on the Police National Computer for life.

Perhaps it doesn't apply in Scotland, I thought. Sut a suitably detailed enquiry (sometimes known as "googling") came up with Disclosure Scotland which does the equivalent job north of the border.

But the big question is different. If, after such a long period of Labour domination, West Lothian has the drugs problem Jim Devine describes, then the answer is not to vote Labour once again on Thursday.
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