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Monday, September 19, 2005
A Liberal Future
by Steve Travis

Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg is interviewed in today's Indepedent, in an article titled "'The future of British politics will inescapably have to be liberal - with a small L". He underlines his liberal credentials by discussing NHS and Post Office reform, whilst saying that reform does not necessarilly equal privatisation. He also displays a refreshing honesty towards the position of the Conservatives in politics - that they cannot be wished away and we should accept and deal with that fact.

With MPs like Mr Clegg around there is a far better chance that the future will be Liberal with a Large L.
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  • At 19 September, 2005 22:30, Anonymous Valerie said…

    This is a superb interview. It's the way he gets his points across in a singularly forceful manner that's so valuable - e.g. re. it being daft to rule out other European health service models. Sometimes it feels as if the art of persuasion isn't around much in politics, and the LDs could use more of it.

    The comments re. not claiming the Tories are at death's door - which always makes us look more pie-in-the-sky than we need to look - are also very apposite.

    Cheers Steve,


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