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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Let them play Quidditch
by Jabez Clegg

(From the Telegraph). You read it here first:

Hogwarts-style school discipline backed

Proposals for a Hogwarts-style house system to boost discipline in comprehensive schools have been unanimously backed by Liberal Democrats.

Ed Davey, the education spokesman, said the system - which features prominently in the Harry Potter books - would help break down "soulless" comprehensives, giving schools a "village" feel and promoting a sense of belonging.

Creating "schools within schools" would promote better mentoring of younger children by older pupils and encourage pupils to identify with their schools and behave better.

Smaller class sizes, a more engaging curriculum and better pastoral care were also vital to improving behaviour, he said.

The proposal is backed up with tougher measures to stamp out violence in schools, allowing police to be involved immediately in cases of assaults on teachers by pupils or parents.
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