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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Reverting to Type?
by Jabez Clegg

I were tekkin' time away from t'mill t'other day, and came across a couple o' pieces that took me fancy.

First were by them Tories, a scrappin' bunch if ever I saw one. This lad Collins is not happy wi' 'is Masters:

As our MPs return to their constituencies, three things come to mind:

We could have had a new leader by now.
We could have had a Conservative MP for Cheadle.
We could have won the general election (or at least denied Labour a third successive victory)

That we have achieved none of these things is testament to some outstandingly awful leadership.

That Michael Howard will have a face like thunder when 'e sees that!

It seemed only right that I should then stumble upon Geoffrey Wheatcroft's "Strange Death of Tory England". One reviewer o' this book wrote:

To many of us outside, [The Conservative Party] represents little more than an attempt to conserve the lifestyle and views of a priviliged and affluent minority, disguised as a political party. Once this is appreciated, the decline and fall becomes inevitable. And the party seems utterly unable to learn. Just a couple of weeks ago a group of Right wing Tory MPs, no doubt to the delight of the party's incrasingly elderly and reactionary membership, launched a platform for a new direction based on an American style religious conservatism that has not, nor ever has had, any market in Britain. A suitable subtitle for this acute and worthwhile read (and the Tories themselves) would have been 'They just don't get it'.

P'raps t'lad Collins will take note!

By way o' finishin', I thought young Wheatcroft hit t'nail on th'ead wi' this:

Whether taking religious or secular form, Puritanism is a minority taste; most people want to build the just city less than they want their cakes and ale, particularly the ale.

I'll drink ter that.
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