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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Does Clarke have the big Mo?
by Jabez Clegg

Jackie Ashley, writing in The Guardian has a piece today on Tory Leadership contender Ken Clarke. She believes him to be a serios threat to Labour and therefore, by extention, the candidate liked least by the Progressive Left. Clarke, she feels, could get in touch with Midlands, Middle England, Middle Class anti-liberal voters: "Clarke's guffaw is a dangerous sound." All is not lost though, for she's sure that the Tories will once again fail to recognise this.

Or is there perhaps an element of double bluff here? Would Guardian Readers really quite like Clarke and his whiff of Europhilia to split the Tories wide open at the appropriate moment? One thing's for sure, all the contenders come with some sort of baggage, which makes for an interesting contest for the unattached observer.
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